User Agreement

Customer acceptance of the following user agreement is required to complete an order. 

This GTS Connect User Agreement (the User Agreement) is entered into by and between GTS Connect, a wholly owned division of Global Telematic Solutions, LLC (hereinafter referred to as "GTS Connect") and the wireless data plan subscriber (hereinafter referred to as "Customer").

1. For Use Exclusively in Centrica Panoramic PowerTM Bridges

The GTS Connect Wireless Unlimited Cellular Data Plan is exclusively for use in Centrica Panoramic PowerTM Bridges. Any other use is strictly prohibited. All OmniSIMs are continuously monitored to detect use in other devices.

2. Month-to-Month or Year-to-Year Subscription Service

Customer hereby subscribes to the GTS Connect Wireless Unlimited Cellular Data Plan. GTS Connect shall provide Customer with an OmniSIM in the form factor compatible with the Centrica Panoramic PowerTM Bridge in quantities specified by Customer, plus wireless data transport.

GTS Connect collects the first month's or first year’s plan fee in advance. GTS Connect also collects sales tax where required.

The term of this Subscription Agreement shall be month-to-month or year-to-year at the election of Customer commencing with the order date.

3. Customer Support


Support for the Centrica Panoramic Power™Bridge including installation and configuration inquires, please click here.

GTS Connect

Support for the GTS Connect SIMs and billing inquires,please click here.

4. GTS Connect OmniSIMs and Lifetime Warranty

All right and title to all GTS Connect OmniSIMs shall, at all times, remain with GTS Connect. GTS Connect warrants that the GTS Connect OmniSIMs are fully functional and fully compliant with all certifications and Federal Communication Commission regulations (i.e., FCC and wireless carrier testing). 

In the event GTS Connect and Customer deem a GTS Connect OmniSIM to be defective, GTS Connect will promptly deliver another fully functional OmniSIM to Customer at the expense of GTS Connect.