Bridge  Resellers

Unlimited Data · One APN Worldwide · No Contract Required
Service to 200+ Countries and Territories · Platform Access Included

All Plans Auto-Renew Until Canceled – Credit Card or eCheck and Auto-Pay Required

For resellers providing a paid service to the Bridge user, make your service more attractive by including secure cellular Bridge connectivity. GTS Connect will send your company a single invoice for all the OmniSIMs you are using. Below are the current reseller cellular data rates for the Centrica Panoramic Power Bridge.

Total OmniSIMsMonthly RateAnnual RateDataRegion
20 – 499$10 USD$90 USDUnlimited*Worldwide
500 – 999$10 USD$84 USDUnlimited*Worldwide
1,000 +$10 USD$78 USDUnlimited*Worldwide

* Exclusively for Use in the Centrica Panoramic Power Bridge

Activate OmniSIMs as needed and billing for data only begins after activation. Minimum order is 20 OmniSIMs. The rates above are per OmniSIM per month or per year. Click here to have monthly subscriptions converted to annual subscriptions. The OmniSIM cards are $5.00 each. GTS Connect allows suspensions and reactivations via email requests. An OmniSIM suspension simply extends the annual subscription by the amount of time it is suspended. No more paying for unused data.

Order OmniSIMS now - Activate later as needed

OmniSIM Cards

Minimum order 20 OmniSIMs



Resellers - order now, have OmniSIMs on-hand, activate when needed

Having OmniSIMs on-hand will allow resellers to activate and test the OmniSIM in the Bridge prior to shipping to the Bridge user. This will also make the Bridge installation much easier for you and the Bridge user since the network connectivity and connection to the Centrica PowerRadar site can be completed before delivery or installation. 

How to activate on-hand OmniSIMs

Activating an on-hand OmniSIM is easy. Click here to contact GTS Connect Support and provide the last 8 digits of the OmniSIM ID printed on the OmniSIM and the OmniSIM holder. Provide us with your selection for monthly or annual billing and we will process your order and issue an invoice for payment. Once paid, we will immediately activate the requested OmniSIMs. An email will be sent to confirm the activation.

All resellers will be provided with access to our connectivity platform

Login credentials will be issued following your first order of OmniSIMs. After activating the OmniSIM(s), you can diagnose, use our OmniSIM transfer and OmniSIM swap features, as well as view daily and monthly data usage with optional alerts. 

Customers of resellers (Bridge users) can also receive login credentials to see and manage their OmniSIM as requested by the reseller. 

GTS Connect uses only OmniSIMs

GTS Connect uses only advanced technology OmniSIM cards which will automatically connect to the wireless carrier with the best signal strength. Ordinary SIM cards are made to work with one wireless carrier while OmniSIMs are made to work with multiple carriers and are programmed to automatically change carriers. They auto-connect to the carrier with the strongest signal or to alternate carriers in the event of an outage.

Cellular provides safe point-to-point connections

Wi-Fi connections can expose corporate and industrial networks to ransomware. Cellular connectivity solves this problem with point-to-point encryption. Note: these OmniSIM cards are pre-programmed to connect only to Centrica PowerRadar. Any other connection will create a security alert resulting in the immediate suspension of service to that OmniSIM.

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Support for the Centrica Panoramic Power™Bridge including installation and configuration inquires, please click here.

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