GTS Connect Offers Unlimited Cellular Data Exclusively for Centrica Panoramic Power Bridge Users and Resellers Worldwide

Simple.  Affordable. Reliable. Secure.

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Two Billing Options

Bridge Users 

GTS Connect Bills Bridge User
For Their OmniSIM Cards & Cellular Data

No Minimum Order Quantity

Higher Annual Cost

OmniSIMs Will Be Active When Shipped

Ready For Immediate Use


Bridge Resellers

GTS Connect Bills Bridge Reseller
For Their OmniSIM Cards & Cellular Data

Minimum Order Quantity 20 OmniSIMs

Lower Annual Cost

OmniSIMs Will Not Be Active When Shipped

Have On-Hand For Later Activation


Ordering Information

You will need one OmniSIM for each Panoramic Power™ Bridge operating in cellular mode

GTS Connect provides secure cellular data service in 200+ Countries and Territories – view the list here.

GTS Connect cannot deliver OmniSIMs to any country that would be a violation of sanctions currently in place.


Unlimited Cellular Data Plan Exclusively for Centrica Panoramic PowerTM Bridge Users and Resellers

  • No contract, cancel anytime
  • All GTS Connect plans are billed in advance on the monthly or annual anniversary of their order date
  • A receipt will be sent via email following every monthly or annual credit card or eCheck charge
  • All GTS Connect plans require a credit card or eCheck authorization and email address for an authorized user to be kept on file. All plans will auto-renew until cancelled per the terms in the cancellation section below
  • GTS Connect will collect sales tax where required

Free Shipping

GTS Connect provides free shipping within the United States. Shipping for international orders is charged at our cost and varies by destination. Receipts for all orders will be emailed to the authorized user along with tracking information.

Other Important Information

OmniSIM Cards Versus SIM Cards

All Centrica Panoramic PowerTM Bridges use a standard-sized SIM (subscriber identity module) card, called a Mini eSIM (also sometimes called a Standard SIM or 2FF SIM).

SIM cards are generally made to work with one wireless carrier while OmniSIMs are made to work with multiple carriers.

To improve reliability, connectivity, and reduce downtime, GTS Connect uses OmniSIMs for all Centrica customers. OmniSIMs have multi-carrier capability and will automatically transfer service from the primary carrier to a secondary carrier if the primary carrier has a service outage or poor connectivity in a particular location. 

EID Printed on the SIM versus ICCID shown in PowerRadar

GTS Connect OmniSIMs can connect to multiple carriers and will switch carriers automatically in the event of a carrier outage. 

The ICCID, or the Integrated Circuit Card ID, is the number that Centrica Panoramic Power Bridge users will see when logged into PowerRadar and viewing Bridges & Loggers. Since the ICCID will change if the OmniSIM switches wireless carriers, a different and unique number is needed to identify the OmniSIM. 

The 32-digit number printed on the OmniSIM card is the EID or the Embedded Identity Document. This number is unique to that SIM and never changes. When requesting support from Centrica or GTS Connect, you may provide either the ICCID or the EID. 

Security - OmniSIM and Device ID Pairing

GTS Connect continuously monitors all OmniSIMs and the devices they are providing service to. GTS Connect OmniSIMs used in the Centrica Bridge are authorized to connect only to the Centrica PowerRadar site.

Any movement of the OmniSIM from a Panoramic PowerTM Bridge to any other type of device will create an identity mismatch resulting in the immediate suspension of service to that device.

Additionally, all GTS Connect OmniSIMs are monitored in real time to detect anomalous device behavior based on numerous programmable criteria and includes automatic service suspension to prevent data breaches, network risks and unauthorized usage.

2G and 3G Wireless Networks Terminating Service

All major wireless carriers in the United States have shut down their 2G and 3G wireless networks. Eventually, this will take place worldwide. This process is called “sunsetting” and it allows the carriers to re-use the frequencies to transmit data with newer, more efficient technology. GTS Connect delivers only 4G LTE OmniSIM cards.

Even though 5G technology is now broadly available, 4G is still the better option for devices that use less data. 5G is ideally suited for very high bandwidth applications like video streaming. The frequencies used for 4G LTE (long term evolution) typically have far better range than those used by 5G, and this results in coverage far exceeding that of the 5G networks.

GTS Connect expects 4G wireless service to extend well beyond the next decade. However, if 4G service is replaced entirely by 5G (or even 6G) in any location used by any of our customers, GTS Connect will provide a replacement OmniSIM compatible with whatever future service is available at no charge to the customer.

Once You Have Received Your Order

Installation and APN Programming

Please refer to the OmniSIM installation and APN (access point name) programming information provided to you by Centrica. The needed APN is delivered with the OmniSIM card(s).

Customer Support


Support for the Centrica Panoramic Power™Bridge including installation and configuration inquires, please click here.

GTS Connect

Support for the GTS Connect SIMs and billing inquires,please click here.


Any GTS Connect plan can be canceled at any time, however, partial refunds will not be made. Cancellations of monthly or annual plans must be received by GTS Connect (by email or phone) at least two business days prior to the next billing date.

To cancel individual OmniSIMs but not all the OmniSIMs in your account, please use this form and include the last 8 digits of the OmniSIM ID printed on the back of the OmniSIM card(s).

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